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Virgo New Moon Blessings

Welcome in the New Moon in Virgo

Thursday, September 14, 21:39 EDT, 21°58'

Virgo New Moon stands at the veil, the permeable membrane of existence, and peers deeply into the mystery. Illuminated by her own luminescence, she sees exactly that which is transmuting from both sides as they reach for each other, the known and the unknown merging at this precise moment. Can we feel the space between atoms in the membrane, in ourselves? Move through the physical world as if our bodies are also of the ethereal?

This crossroads on the spiritual path is not a split; it's an including. All paths are taken simultaneously. We are not to question our abilities to do so. We are to know without doubt, drawing from our primordial instincts, from our intuitive urges that we too are a wild force of the universe. Our physical energy & psychic abilities, our passions are activators, catalysts, the ignition spark, the seed of all creation.

We are being asked to step fully through the cosmic membrane out of separation, pause at the midpoint, this fulcrum of empowerment, at this New Moon position. Seated in this location, poised, overcoming lingering inhibition, we claim our Sovereignty as we merge and emerge through the cosmic kiss of Sun and Moon, inner and outer worlds, physical and spiritual, the meeting point of all dichotomy, dualism, and duality.

What's on the other side? This is our walking during this lunation. We are at the heart of Truth to Self and the leveraging of personal willpower in service to Self and Other, the Great We. How are we in it and of it? How do we make sense of this new spatial relationship where "I am me and also You" is possible? What happens in the resonant 3rd space of We? What is obvious about this that is hidden in plain sight?

We reach for Virgo Moon's guidance. She embraces us. Reminds us that the deva is in the energetic details and our corporeal existence is our root. The magic is in the mundane, and every daily routine and ritual matters, is of matter, materializes our intent.

Have we forgotten our sacred being, our sacred ways? Now is the time of hidden connections being revealed. We will see when we attune our senses, embody the archetypes of planetary energies, activate the cosmos through our own personal growth and evolution. This is not play acting, this is the enactment of the High Priestess & Priest in our lives, the claiming and living of our Divine Nature, of Nature, of this World and of our Selves. There is no higher order. No higher ordering.

We are the ones we've been waiting for.



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