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Weaving by Hand
Astral Navigation

Intuitive astrology voyage into your natal chart.

With an intuitive touch, Wendy traces the threads of your astrological tapestry to reveal messages woven into your natal chart. Listening for the resonance of fixed aspects in harmony with current energies, cosmic patterns emerge in a new way to be understood and expressed through you.


Your stars align; the choice is yours.

mary ganzon

British Columbia, Canada

i would say that my deepest value of working with wendy has been her ability to give pauses and spaces for the reading to arise. in those pauses, i have time to take it in, bring myself forward, and engage.

this is an element in our dance together. 


in turn, i see my relationship and my own dance with my chart. because it is a relationship, there's movement.  i am not fixed to a way of being.  there are possibilities.

Maureen Tatsuko Loughnane

Chicago, IL

Life is change, and this past year, through the pandemic, political and social upheavals, and personal challenges, I have so often felt at the mercy of forces of change beyond my control.


My natal chart reading with Wendy filled me - and continues to fill me - with a sense of clarity and calm acceptance. Yes - life is change, but Wendy helped me to understand that I am a part of that change, a part of a universe that is constantly moving WITH me and NOT AGAINST ME.


I wrote that Wendy helped me to "understand" this, but understand is the wrong word. Wendy's reading and guidance have helped me to feel this sense of communion with the universe, and that continues to be of deep and profound comfort!

Pui Ming

Gabriola Island, B.C.

I have had two astral navigation sessions with Wendy, and I find them to be rich, intriguing, illuminating, satisfying. Deep waters and subtle ethers are stirred - openings and invitations for further explorations and inquiries.


These sessions are collaborations, not simply a reader rendering information. The quality and depth of Wendy’s presence and listening bring out in me pieces that surprise. Connections are drawn that re-wire my brain, perception, relationship to self. I genuinely feel like I am tumbling in multiple dimensions - always held, and always touching down with a gentle landing.


I have had astrological readings for decades. My experience with Wendy is truly fresh, dynamic, potent, inviting - a true journey of the soul, heart and mind that feels unbounded by space and time.

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