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Returning in April 2024

Biodynamics is a subtle, gentle, hands-on presence honoring the inherent rhythms of the body, its tissues and fluids, and the energy body biofield. Biodynamics recognizes that the same forces that have been with us since we created ourselves as embryos are still present within us and respond to presence and light touch. There is an inherent body biofield intelligence that organizes and reorganizes towards original health (Wholeness) and is held in and informed by a greater field.  


Our biodynamic open session space is one outside of treatment models, therapeutic intent, manipulation to body or of energy. Simply put, this is a space of presence to and being with the subtle yet potent energies of our body’s innate impulse towards Wholeness. 


In our 2-hour group session, participants will move between sitting in circle (in meditation, quiet stillness), lying in comfortable supportive “nests” of their own making on the floor, and massage tables. In this biodynamic open session format, Wendy will move as moved by the greater field to apply contacts upon participants on the tables. The “work” is being worked through all present, whether or not touch contacts are made directly. We are in a group field that is informed by our presence.


Together we drop into stillness and into deeper and deeper layers of being. The biodynamic field allows a space for the body’s natural and instinctive processes that need no other assistance or intervention to enact its wisdom.


Wendy is a graduate of Touch of Presence School of Biodynamic Studies and is continuing her studies in Biodynamic Cranial Approach in her second year long intensive with Giorgia Milne. She has formally studied and practiced biodynamics for the past six years with various teachers. This seemingly simple work informs every aspect of her life with a richness and depth that further attunes her awareness of and sensitivity to energy and the human experience as energetic beings. 

Book your 1:1 Biodynamic Attunement session with Wendy here.

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