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Capricorn New Moon Blessings

crone and kronos moon, moon in the bones, relic moon, stardust earth moon,

moon of magical practicalities, feet in the water moon,

moon of the riotous roots

Timely Capricorn New Moon arrives at 00:00 on January 13 in the Eastern

time zone at 23 degrees Capricorn.

We are once again in the highly charged skies after the past year of several conjunctions and eclipses in and around 22 degrees Capricorn. Mostly, a New Moon arriving precisely on 00:00 on the 13th signifies a new beginning in relationship to the goddess, the divine feminine through the Moon herself. The New Moon at 00:00 on the Eastern shores of the United States, where Lady Liberty dwells. Pluto rests at 24 degrees Capricorn near the Moon, so there's still plenty of unearthing, uncovering, digging into the deep emotional seas around this fresh arrival of the goddess energy on the first 13th of this calendar year.

Accompanying the Moon, Venus is trine Black Moon Lilith, a triple goddess relationship to guide the way. Of course the Sun in Capricorn holds these three and brings in masculine principles to balance and support the work of the feminine here. Uranus is also conjunct Lilith and is netted into this relational aspecting. Uranus, the planet, the namesake of the god of the sky Uranus and the goddess Urania (granddaughter of Uranus), muse of astronomy.

Venus (Aphrodite) and Urania weave back and forth with each other in the pantheon of the Greek gods. Venus/Aphrodite is even divided into two forms in the ancient understanding and representation of this goddess: Aphrodite Urania (heavenly, sublime love, love of body and soul) and Aphrodite Pandemos (common, physical love). In Roman terms: Venus Urania (Venus of the heavens) and Venus Vulgivaga (Venus of the people).

Brief historical context aside, Urania the astrophile, Venus the philophile, and Moon the heliophile are currently braiding the heavens, the heart, and the human. Together they are navigating a holistic course through empty space, interior landscapes, and collective values. Flowing between the wild, uncontrollable nature of the feminine, the developing healthy ego that accepts input from the wild heart and the world around, and the burgeoning relationships, values and resources that arrive through the trusting of instinct.

Here, Capricorn picks up the needle and bobbin threads from Sagittarius, and adds the third thread. The Crone braiding her daughter's and grandduaghter's hair with her own. Her old, scaled water-wise tail well-equipped for the tasks of Pluto, her grounded, goat feet scaling sheer outcroppings of earthen endeavors, her horns celestial conduits mystically reaching into the stars to receive Uranus' skyscape messages of new possibilities. Capricorn has morphed, is morphing, to meet the terrain that meets the one brave enough to endure it. Bold enough to form it. The horizons of Sagittarius have now been earth mapped by Capricorn. Watch and see how the goat constellates new worlds into being. Stand in your own being to manifest alongside the master of mastery. Rise human, into the full spectrum of emotion and being that is possible when the channel is truly grounded between here and there. Bask in the discernment, social accountability and personal responsibility that are natural Capricorn abilities. Feel in your body what people, activities, options, and choices are right for you, right for now.

The time of the paradoxical time is upon us. Our elders bridge the way to our descendants who remember the futures of our celestial ancestors. The ancient wisdom is under foot. It's in our stardust bones and primal skin. Reach within to venture outward. The unfolding is folding time.

"Why do we remember the past

but not the future?"

-- Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time

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