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Scorpio New Moon Blessings

Welcome to the New Moon in Scorpio

Tuesday, October 25, 06:48 EST, 2°00'

intense stillness moon, moon of leagues

behind the reflection moon, moon of riddles

the salt shadows moon

Scorpio Moon arrives with a question, a riddle. In the depths of darkness, can you see shadows? This partial solar eclipse New Moon is darkness plunged into darkness. The Moon, she herself obscured from light, crosses between us and the Sun, casting our mighty luminary into shadow. We're titrating by visually imperceptible degrees with epoch-making reverberations. These sonic pings give us a sense of what's below while the magnitude remains unknown, unknowable.

Yet, we're in it. It's all around us. In us. We are dissolved, saturated. This mercurial relational field moves fast. And slow, or, rather, deep. Time is measured in fathoms. Is it possible to measure time in the void, to chart movement or rate or distance? These spirals twist in downward-inward vortices. They lead somewhere.

Below. Under the currents beneath the currents there is stillness. It draws us. We sink there. Scorpio Moon is there, minding her rituals, speaking incantations in cryptic ancient languages we don't recognize, yet remember. She moves slowly in her crafting, spinning the energy into warp, the quicksilver winds swirling wildly around her. She is unphased. Absorbed in her tasks she is absorbed into them. Dissolved. Saturated.

She becoming she. She becoming we. We becoming she. We becoming we. On the verge of convergence in a convergent evolution. Form, inform, transform. Weaving the currents of our watery beings beyond the primal elements of our origin. Mixing in something from mysterious realms so distant we have to go back to our oldest, deepest, pre-archetypal selves to conjure it.

What exists before us? Is that a question of the past or of the future?


For more guidance this Scorpio Moon Cycle, embrace Writing Down the Moon and pick up the Scorpio Cycle of the Lunar Almanac for your journey.

The New Moon is a perfect time to support your intention setting with

the guidance of energy coaching and intuitive astrology.

Commit to yourSelf on a deeper level, align your energy with resonance and purpose,

and manifest through heart-centered empowerment.

If you wish to journey or explore through your natal chart what is forming, shifting, being activated for you by the current astrological transits, let's sit and

weave together to reveal your personal movement through these times.

Much love, many blessings!


Please forward and share this Scorpio New Moon Blessings with your loves.



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