What Coaching Offers You

Our modern lives tend to be busy and focused on the doing of life. I offer you a space to slow down, explore what is most important to you, and settle again into being who you are. When we are out of touch with these elements, we often find our lives seem overwhelmingly complex, and no matter how much effort we expend, we feel stuck.


Movement comes with clarity, our ability to access our inner knowing, and decisions come more easily when we can apply our knowing into the world around us. Connection to our inner selves also deepens our connection with other people in our lives. In coaching, you discover where your being is connected, inwardly and outwardly. Your self discovery is a spiral walk.

Transformation Coaching gives you the space and the reflection to strengthen your  connection to your own knowing, your own way of being. In my experience, Transformation Coaching is most effective with a combination of the completion of a foundation session and a commitment to at least three months of coaching.


Give yourself abundant time for the dynamic growth which you will experience in these coaching sessions and allow it to take root in your daily life. This is a gift you are worthy of receiving.

My coaching style:​

  • Holds sacred space for your innermost exploration of your authentic self

  • Dedicates full attention to you through skilled and purposeful listening 

  • Reveals and reflects back your own inner wisdom

  • Creates a safe place for you to discover what's most important to you 

  • Aligns your commitment to yourself for empowered personal transformation

  • Uses powerful questioning and deep dive inquiry for further discovery and development of your personal, unique desires and goals

  • Acknowledges your process of meaning making 

  • Focuses on what's working for you and expands on your innate ability to achieve your dreams

  • Accesses your source inspiration and personal power

  • Offers the option to include guided meditation, breathing techniques, journaling, intuition development, and energy body awareness as additional modes of exploration

  • Adheres to the International Coaching Federation's Standards of Ethical Conduct

Sessions can be held in person, by phone, or via Zoom call.

Transformation Coaching Packages
3-Month Transformation Package                                                                                        
  • 2-hour Foundation Session which includes journaling, guided meditations, and other deep discovery work

  • 6 hours of personal transformation coaching (2 hours per month, for 3 months)

  • Personalized Affinity Wheel, a personal awareness tool​

3-Month Deep Dive Package                                                                                                 

Want to jump in more fully?

  • 2-hour Foundation Session which includes journaling, guided meditations, and other deep discovery work

  • 12 hours of personal transformation coaching (One hour sessions each week, for 12 weeks)

  • Personalized Affinity Wheel, a personal awareness tool

  • 10  1-Hour Sessions

Go at Your Own Pace Package                                                                                      
Coaching Elements 
  • Client-Focused Sessions: It's Your Agenda

  • Deep Dive Inquiry

  • Energy Coaching

  • Mindfulness

  • Self-Discovery

  • ​Intuition Development

  • Energy Body Awareness

  • Guided Meditation and Breathwork

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Positive Regard

  • Intuitive and Transcendent Listening

  • Heart-Centered Being

  • Standards of Presence 

  • Confidentiality

  • ICF Ethical Conduct

Wendy Weiss

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