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Aquarius New Moon Blessings

Welcome in the New Moon in Aquarius

Saturday, January 21, 15:53 EST, 1°32'

tipping point moon, moon of star ancestry

gears catching moon, moon of the great launch

quantum heart moon

Aquarius New Moon has questions. Are we ready for them? No time to calculate. They are upon us. The technology of our hearts is quantum. We are ready; all is already. There is no longer separation between thought and knowing. There is no before and after. There is only the infinite now. All time. All space. All questions. All answers. We are the synapses, the webbing, the querent and the expert, the wanderers and the destination. Aquarius holds the individual and the collective, none above the other.

What happens when we get to the static flat point, where hierarchies dissipate back into the mirages they've always been and we stand with the reigns in our hands, ready to bolt into a new collective world of our making, each of us rising up into our genius manifest, wildly creating a place for each other as artists and children who merely came here with a wish to play in the gardens, floating leaf ships on ponds and talking to frogs, and then creating masterful fictions or canvases or vinyl to pour our expressions into the continuance of an ancient conversation with ourselves about our embodied role and purpose in this universe among other sentient beings and cosmic forces that are also us as we keep folding and unfolding back into the truths that sustain us and keep us close to essence...?

What happens when our nova stars burst out from the darkness and blind us all with unconditional love?

What happens when we receive this radiance as nourishment and become effervescent, overflowing with photons that commingle into each other's fields forming tightly bonded vibratory threads sewn into the ethers and we hold each other's hands tightly through atoms and ions and electromagnetic waves that wash in and flow us out into a greater expanse so far beyond perception that we finally know ourselves wildly free in the benevolent utopia of our hearts?

What happens when we hold a point in timespace and observe the cycles moving around us, a buoy in the cosmic ocean, also moving, but anchored, so we dance in the storms, warm in the suns, free and fixed, the tether infinite in length, unbound in essence, yet reaching solid roots tendriling deeper and deeper until reaching through tickling the crown of our ethereal beings, the torus of our circling fields, the ouroboros of our souls cycling its own cycle among the cycles where we see the whole of the universe is circles within circles, the flower of life that blooms is the myriad of us?

What happens when the static quiets and we are the clear channel and the wisdom of the ages meets the archaic future of the yet to be known and ashes, ashes, we all fall down giggling with the grasses tickling our tender bare skin and all that's left to do is delight openly and wonder why it took us humans so long to remember ourselves like the Brahma god of a million pieces seeking himself again in everything and everyone?

And so it is that any answers could not be as important as the wondering, the exploring, the creating, the conversations and communion with each other that arises from the question marks that propel us forward and let us know how incredibly more there is to discover, innovate. invent. We are called forth, each of us, to live in the question of infinite possibility and seek each other in the awe of it all.

There is a field beyond...let's meet there.

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This is a time in the evolution of humanity

to take extra good care of your energy field.

The New Moon is a perfect time to seek support through

the guidance of energy coaching.

Commit to yourSelf on a deeper level,

align your energy with resonance and purpose,

and manifest through heart-centered empowerment.

If you wish to journey with intuitive astrology or explore through your natal chart what is forming, shifting, being activated for you by the current astrological transits, let's sit and weave together to reveal your personal movement through these times.

Much love, many blessings!




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