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Libra New Moon Blessings

Welcome in the New Moon in Libra

Saturday, October 14, 13:54 EDT, 21°07'

Annular Solar Eclipse

Libra New Moon arrives through a portal--a ring of fire eclipse--being birthed into a new cycle. She arrives renewed with the breath of life, carrying her cosmic scales. In one scale pan--the old familiar ways, echoes of past patterns and in the other--a unique voice, the meaning-making messenger who holds that which wishes to be spoken. The scales are not simply about balance, a tertiary quality of duality, the resonant third. These scales portray a knowing of tensegrity and alignment.

Libra is here for the leveling of past relationship, relating. And the dissolving of the comfortable or patterned ways that hold us back and keep us stuck. We are required to close one door in order for another to open. To willfully abandon the usual to move more readily with accelerated change. This is the turning point where we recognize that fighting the flow saps our power; we can find ease in rising upon the thermals even if we're not quite sure where they're taking us. We know that efforts, forces applied (or not) in seemingly unrelated points do affect and realign a system, a circuit as a whole.

We are at a cardinal point, a place of initiation, beginnings. We are urged, impelled to alchemize, transmute any lingering, hidden or suppressed inner conflicts around our human and divine nature. Integrating that of the flesh and material with that of the divine and spiritual. Holding both the rapidly powerful, life-changing, reactive energies with the subtle, introspective, and still.

A revelation of what was once hidden, suppressed, denied is available. It's a whisper not to be overlooked or ignored. It's a primal force, one with the potential to grow out of proportion and overtake everything else if not tended.

In a word: sovereignty.

And the messy process of creation and empowerment while releasing avoidant, perfectionistic, and mired in the details distortions. This is a time of shaking up the status quo. To be in right-relationship and activate the super powers of liberation and forsake any fear of rejection, banishment, suppression.

This moment, right here, is the brass ring to reach out and grasp. A reclaiming of our own authority. A time to follow our instinct, trust ourselves.

To stand in this world as one unto herself.

To recognize our divine nature.

To be emotionally intelligent humans.

We are resolving old identities, divisions, unhealthy boundaries of forced separation. We are in the depths of aligning our inner and outer realities. Embracing and bringing in ever more of the spiritual, metaphysical, and out-of-ordinary time. We are deciding right now what habits and addictions we are and are not willing to leave or banish within ourselves so that we may connect more clearly and cleanly to our Source and our Highest Self.

The yearning of our highest potential, idealism, visions and dreams are in sharp contrast with the revelation in the dark of the undercurrent ways of this world. Yet we believe in the transcendent, in our ability to undergo transformations that equip us to impact this world more than we could ever imagine is possible.

We are in the birthing pains, the tension of in-formation, of mastery and empowered elderhood. The depth-finder of the core essence of our being. This is a long game of endurance that is also agile and subject to the instantaneous shifts of the life-death-life cycle. While the acceleration pulls on us with cosmic g-forces, we are intentionally slowing it back down--accessing the element of the methodical knowing of an invisible path. We look upon the uproar with a poker face, emotionally connected and aware, yet non-demonstrative, unswayed.

We will do whatever it takes, every aspect of the job no matter how lowly or aspirational. We willingly get our hands dirty while staying high-minded, eyes on the prize of our vision. We speak in terms of Self AND Other. There is no separation.

We know, believe, and trust that the highest order in these times is to be Self-aligned, responsive, and relational.

From a solid core, the seeds of mighty oaks are nurtured. At this eclipse, the seeds of Self are being planted for a near-future, springtime, equinox wildernesses to thrive and live out into eternity. We are moving through to the darkest days and times of the seasons that once again will bring light.

We must tend the roots underground, hold the seeds deep within. Be in the dynamic tension of alignment. Stay true. Nurture our mycelial connections below the surface.

Hold steady, dear ones.



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