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Capricorn New Moon Blessings

Welcome to the New Moon in Capricorn

Hello all! I'm sharing this New Moon Blessings as a New Year's gift to you. Please share this with anyone you think would also be interested in deepening their relationship with the Moon. If you would like to continue receiving these monthly emails, subscribe to my newsletter!

Today's New Moon arrived at 12:12 am EST and is accompanied by a solar eclipse. So close to the solstice, we are in triple darkness~ solstice, the longest night of the year, New Moon in a dark night sky, and solar eclipse to bring a shadow over the earth, peaking at 12:17 pm EST. All this in heavy, earthy Capricorn in both the Moon and the Sun, the zodiac sign embraced in the cosmic kiss of these celestial luminaries.

What do we know about darkness and its messages for us? Darkness is the fertile earth, where the seeds rest, awaiting their potential, storing their energy to meet the sun's warmth in spring. Darkness is the night sky under New Moon, a time of beginnings and intention setting, where in the black of night the stars shine their brightest, more connections of constellations visible than any other time of the month. Darkness is the deeply internal, the eternal you that exists in all time, all space, all dimension. Darkness is the boundary-less, the unlimited, the formless, the unseen, the mystery. It is the all in wait. The pause. The space between breath.

This is the time of turning. In the vastness of the dark, the light is gathered. Seasonally, the days begin to lengthen. Lunar cycle begins; the New Moon turns now, the first light upon her face. The Sun shows us in darkness, in eclipse, how powerful, how valuable his rays are on our earth, in our Solar System, in the universe. In light there is order, structure, the seen, the known, also the shadows. Light is the fullness of being. The motion. The peak of breath.

In Capricorn we are held, as if on a grandparent's lap in the rocking chair by the hearth. We do our turning in the arms of our elders. The most foundational comforts are offered by these old goats of the zodiac. Remember their fish tails, a remnant of their oceanic origins. While solidly earth sign, Capricorn has a familiarity, a wisdom that reaches back to watery depths~the unconscious, the emotional parts of ourselves that are essential to be aligned with as we begin the steep climb of our dreams.

The structure, the systems, the traditions of success are yours.

All of this darkness? Beginnings. Clean, clear, fresh starts. We are turning from known to unknown~the closest place of our truest selves. We have done it a certain way for so long; we have worn a deep groove, a patterned existence. The return of the light, at this exact moment, shows us what we've surrendered, perhaps even betrayed, what we've set aside for a better time.

This is the better time.

What shadows are allowed to fly off now, like migrating geese in the skies of our subconscious? What is being illuminated as our foundations now that couldn't be seen previously? What craggy landscapes do we find ourselves climbing upon, with surprisingly steady feet, acuity and focus as natural as breath? What delightful turmoil shows us parts of ourselves denied, our fears in trusting ourselves, in trusting our hearts to know what is real beyond our comprehension? What instinct, intuition is becoming grounded in uncomfortably powerful ways, a few sizes too big for where our growth is today?

The dark is the place to grow; the light is the time to do the growing. Shine in becoming.

Capricorn in the shadows breaks everything down. All the architecture of our past is torn down to make way for the new. Chronos, Saturn, the purveyors, surveyors, and engineers of time itself, make way for a new decade, building upon and also releasing the learnings of the past decade, the past year, the past month, yesterday. It's all gone. And as much as our impulse is to cling, trust me dear heart--good riddance.

You do not lose you.

You gain a more spacious tableau to create you anew, the suspension of disbelief that allows vision to reform itself. Think about that in Capricorn; the will and ability to gain such great heights is useless without the vision to take in the views from the apex of our existence, to integrate them fully in embodied being. These temples of flesh and bone and blood are the Capricorn journey emboldened, are they not?

These are the times we are in. The eternal Now in our very bones. Our dear Ram Dass morphing to another plane, leaving us to our work no longer guided by this outside teacher. We stand with loss. Ram Dass' passing a momentous metaphor for the many losses on the many levels that we behold in our lives in these times. Capricorn, the ultimate guru points a finger to the unknowable and speaks, "G-U-R-U."

Gee, you are you.

What more do we need? From here, we can truly begin to discover the answers for ourselves. Fresh start. New eyes. Beginner's mind. While we each are doing our part, we are all in this together. The journey is collective.

"We're all just walking each other home." ~ Ram Dass

The New Moon is a perfect time to support your intention setting with coaching.

If you are ready to commit to yourself on a deeper lever, are open to self-discovery that aligns you with your core values and life purpose, and are willing to believe you can manifest your heart's truest desires, Connected Being is here for you.

I am honored to work with you; reach out by December 31 for a special New Moon rate!

Much love, Many Blessings!



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