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    About Wendy Weiss       

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I love the power in words and stories. How people express themselves and use language to create their understanding of the world is endlessly fascinating to me. Having studied writing and literature, I practice using a keen sense of observation and being in a perpetual state of beginner’s mind. I love discovering what’s hidden in plain sight.

Energy Coaching is a natural extension of my truest way of being. I listen intuitively to people’s stories and their narratives about themselves, hearing deeper energetic threads. Metaphors, turns of phrase, and personal lexicons that crop up in conversation reveal what's moving beneath the surface, close to the soul. These are sacred offerings that I hold in reverence, awe, and genuine curiosity.

 In daily conversation, we don't often get to experience this level of being seen and heard. 

When was the last time you felt truly heard

that everything you said was the most important matter in that moment


Listening is the heart of coaching for me, to be in a deeper level of communing. I revel in being that presence to others, in service to those who seek to discover a truer sense of themselves, who find dynamic alignment and unbounded creativity as ways to fuel their personal growth. I am especially inspired by and drawn to support those who are willing to embrace transformation in response to life's challenges and changes.

​                ​

Life coaching is often seen as something a person seeks out when he needs advice or wants to be taught how to do something better. The coach is seen as an expert at something they have achieved for themselves. In this model, people hire coaches to learn the secrets of the coach's success.


Energy coaching is entirely different. The orientation of wisdom is you. In tuning into your energy body and energetic field, you discover that you already possess innate skills and have full capacity to know what's best for you. Everything you need already exists within you. Energy coaching gives you the space and the reflection to strengthen that connection to your own knowing, your own way of being.

Sure, I can use different tools to help you in your personal development, but I believe you already know what you need. My role is to listen--with intuitive and transcendent listening informed by your energy. Together we open channels of discovery and hold space for powerful inquiry and deep dive exploration. The field of potent potential and all possibilities is available to us at all times; when we know how to access it we are free to make new choices and evolve into greater versions of ourselves. I am committed to being in full presence to your process. This is my offering to you through Energy Coaching.

Who would you be if you were in wholly energetic alignment

with your values and actions, in your being and your doing, in your inner world and the outer world


My Credentials

I completed Parts I, II, & III with Peter Reding of Coach for Life, which required mentor-coach review and feedback of several recorded coaching sessions in addition to advanced coursework at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level, 125 hours of training. I have logged 100+ hours of professional coaching, completed appropriate level of training, and passed the Coaching Knowledge Assessment exam through ICF. I have been fortunate to work with clients who cultivate their inspiring and unique dreams.

  • Yoga Nidra, 30 hour training certificate from Shivashakti School of Yoga, 2019.

As an evolution of my own Yoga Nidra practice, I am pursuing further training in guiding Yoga Nidra for individuals and groups. 

I have studied with Virginia over the years in various ways. The depth and freedom to explore my craft along with other star-curious beings feels like a return to an ancient inner knowing and an infinite belonging to the cosmos. Sky Scholar 1 & 2 Teaching Assistant, 2023.

My continuing studies of energy work as a spiritual practice have brought me to Biodynamics. I feel I have always known this way as a healing modality and have found the remembering. I am currently in my second year long intensive with Giorgia, 2023-24.


I am a lifelong learner of energy work; I love deepening my experience in various modalities that initiate and support each person's innate wisdom and inner healer.

​My other professional work is in education and nonprofit management. I completed a master's program in Secondary Education, Language Arts at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls in 1997 and taught writing courses at the college level for several years. I am a freelance writer and have written for organizations including HGTV and the University of Tennessee.

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