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Writing Down the Moon:

Lunar Almanac

zodiac wheel of the year journal

The whole of the universe is circles within circles

Moon cycle journaling is the alchemical process of remineralizing the inherent wisdom of your

ancient stardust bones.

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The Writing Down the Moon Lunar Almanac is a yearlong journal of self-discovery through connecting with the rhythms of the Moon cycles and phases. Centered around the zodiac wheel of the year, the Lunar Almanac moves from Aries New Moon in April 2022 through the Pisces New Moon cycle ending in April 2023.

The Lunar Almanac is a holistic astrological guidebook that lays the foundation for astrological and personal exploration. Signs, planets, elements, modalities, and Moon phases and transits are all laid out in a beautifully crafted, easy to navigate format.

Each Moon Cycle includes a Moon Mandala calendar, New Moon details, and 8 Moon Phase journal sections. Each Moon Phase section focuses awareness through lunar energy guidance, journal prompts, and attunement exercises that help you tune in and shape your own unique intentions and practice. Blending full color spreads with blank journal pages, the Lunar Almanac is your inspired creative space to be in rhythmic retreat.

This journal, the Lunar Almanac, is the formation of you in rhythm with the Moon over the span of a year. Through tracing the lunar movements across twelve moon cycles around the zodiac wheel, you will move into closer relationship with this astrological family. As the Moon checks in with each sign and crosses the paths of each planet on a monthly basis, you are guided to tune into the messages that resonate for you.


Recenter in restorative connection with yourself through communing with the Moon.

PDF is an 8 1/2" x 11" 217-page writable/fillable digital document. You can write your journal entries directly into the PDF or print pages on a home printer. Contains full color and blank journal pages throughout.

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The Lunar Almanac has provided ongoing support in my lunar practice and served as a gentle reminder to show up for myself on a cyclical basis. Through these practices and insights, I have been able to tune more deeply into my personal rhythms.

I have come to see the Lunar Almanac as an essential, pivotal tool that has deeply enriched my own daily journal practice. Engaging with it on a regular basis can become a sort of initiation -- to perhaps being in the world a different way, focusing more on the shifts of energy rather than the relentless marching forward of calendar time. It is definitely an invitation to an inter dimensional way of seeing ...Wendy, through her gifted writing/visioning, becomes Cosmic Guide to the holographic field. This has been my experience anyway!


There is so much room for each person's deeply personal journey here. One thing that sets the Lunar Almanac apart from other astrological calendar/journals is the truly spiritual nature of this guide. We are asked immediately and consistently to participate, to truly engage with the information given. There are no surface, superficial, trivial tricks here. The Lunar Almanac is for those of us who are committed to learning more about the cosmos and our inner selves -- our shadows, our rhythms, our dreams and desires-- against the backdrop of these transpersonal patterns.


I am much more aware of the new moon through this almanac. Before this year, I focused more on the full moon (which I still love and take the time to sit in the moonlight each month). However, the ability to pause, breathe and meditate on the new moon has been helpful throughout this year.

I have recommended this to many of my friends. Friends that know energy in every space and those who do not. This journal allows a focus for a month of life, a cycle. You can choose to be deeply engaged or lightly engaged and still learn and grow as a person.


The Lunar Almanac is an important and essential oracle for our times.

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