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Biodynamic Attunement

Return to your original health, your innate healing

I provide subtle, gentle presence for the rhythms of your energetic biofield. This deep, relaxing, informative energy work allows you to connect to a deeper relationship with your embodied spirit and your biofield energy which create a healthy, dynamic, revitalized state of being.


In silent stillness, autonomic healing is activated, such that your body receives fully Self-contained, Source-infused healing that requires no external intervention of any kind. Your healing process is yours alone to discover, initiate, and receive.


Feel refreshed, renewed, reconnected, relaxed, and rejuvenated after each session.



Biodynamic Cranial Approach, Touch of Presence (Giorgia Milne), Graduate 2022

My experience of a Biodynamic Attunement session with Wendy was such a gift!  I could feel so much moving in my body, at very deep physical, emotional, and energetic levels.  I could feel her exceedingly gentle, caring presence every step of the way— before, during, and after.  Her presence is also deeply grounding and wise. I felt so safe in her care, which is important to me.  The experience was so relaxing and good.  Even after the session, it felt really good to talk about what came up for me, and have plenty of time for questions and integration. I recommend Wendy’s sessions 200%

Celeste, LCSW-R    Ithaca NY

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