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Biodynamic Attunement

Return to your original health, your innate Wholeness

Biodynamic Cranial Approach is a gentle, hands-on, sensing of the inherent rhythms of the body, its tissues and fluids, and bioenergetic field within which it organizes and reorganizes towards original health. Biodynamics recognizes that the same forces that have been with us since we created ourselves as embryos are still present within us and respond to the presence of light touch that is guided by the Breath of Life (Source, Spirit, God). Physical and energy body, all layers of being, are held within the greater field that includes universal intelligence that accompanies our individual and shared biofields. 


Sessions take place in silence, within a spaciousness free of distraction and overt environmental sound. Those receiving in the session lie on a massage table, fully clothed, and are supported by pillows and bolsters as needed to create comfortable, easeful relaxation so the person is able to drop into stillness and into deeper and deeper layers of being. This setting provides ease for the body’s natural and instinctive processes that need no other assistance or interference to enact their wisdom.

My experience of a Biodynamic Attunement session with Wendy was such a gift! I could feel so much moving in my body, at very deep physical, emotional, and energetic levels.  I could feel her exceedingly gentle, caring presence every step of the way— before, during, and after. Her presence is also deeply grounding and wise. I felt so safe in her care, which is important to me.  The experience was so relaxing and good. Even after the session, it felt really good to talk about what came up for me, and have plenty of time for questions and integration. I recommend Wendy’s sessions 200%

Celeste, LCSW-R    


Working with Wendy and experiencing Biodynamics is truly transformational. Unlike other modalities, which have seemed intrusive to me, Biodynamics is a gentle process that honors and trusts the body's ability to come into balance. Wendy is an exquisite practitioner and her ability to hold space and sense into higher energetic intelligence allows for body and soul healing that is purely potent and deliciously cathartic. I feel like a new woman... re-united with my essential nature and energized to live life fully and joyfully! Thank you, Wendy!


Beth Noelle, Holistic Voice & Movement Mentor

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