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Sagittarius New Moon Blessings

Welcome in the New Moon in Sagittarius

Tuesday, December 12, 18:32 EDT, 20°40'


Old scholar Sagittarius New Moon, wise teacher of traveled ways, offer us your worldly guidance as we begin this lunar cycle and walk our evolutionary path...


As the Sun and Moon conjoin in the season of Sagittarius, we see the problems of the world, the clashes of cultures on an exaggerated scale. On a collective level, we're sorting out what's to be believed and trusted. Where do we put our faith when we are in a crisis of faith?


The world has changed tremendously in only a few moons. Fast shifts require an adept spirit of will. An ability to see through the inconsistencies and conflicts that create separation in the collective is called upon from us all. We must learn from each other now, turn towards our kindred humans to see this phase through. These are times to seek elders and mentors, to pan out to a more historical view to observe patterns and know where to put a stop to them.


Only when we can identify the gods that have been oppressing us can we rise up and see them for the shadows on the cave wall that they are--that they are figments of our own creation. These are metaphors with very real manifestations in our physical world. The shadows that are ruling our reality now are not real, yet they have very real consequences. We must break the spell.


Sagittarius looks upon us with studied gaze--have we learned how? Do we know how to reach to our spirit essence truth and recognize it in all beings, all humans of all forms, creeds, skin tones? When will we see that finding what is true for other cultures helps us to better see what is true for all of us? We are pieces of a whole--underneath, at deeper levels, our values are shared human values.


Individually, amidst this larger question of mythic proportions, we are walking our own archetypal expressions. Our themes are of personal values and our individual value--what do we, you or I, offer? At core, this is a matter of self-worth in a time we are beseeched to seek sovereignty and, by extension, liberation. We are only free when each of us is free. We must take care now to tend the daily, the rituals, the habits and routines that have bigger impact over time.


On this earthen plane, in these earthen bodies, we as individuals are in an endurance event. This is not a sprint to the finish, but a well-conditioned, well-coordinated, long-term practice that is being called forth. We have miles to go. This initiation has many, many tests. Again, we are digging deep into a trust in ourselves to stay the course, steady our footfalls, and keep going to the higher feats and visions that we can only yet know in our imaginations.


The tension of expansion is at hand. We are in the resistance that grips us right before we break through and make that huge leap we know is possible but have not yet experienced. This is THE moment of our talents and potential, our genius, being purposefully manifested. Not merely for our personal gain, but more importantly for the spiritual dimension of human beings.


This is karmic, unpredictable, and surreal. It requires creativity, resourcefulness, adjustment. Underlying all is a resolution of humor. The impossible requires us to laugh in the face of adversity, to somehow turn our hearts towards a joy we dream of. There are new possibilities that are hard to realize. Discretion is needed.


The most important theme we must face right now is our individual role in this collective moment of expansion into a new timeline. New paradigm dreams and visions are squared against our personal will and needs. We are paradoxically in a most fertile time of transformation--we can look right in the face of these shadows without disillusionment and potently influence the next cycle, engage the gear that gets us out of the grind that has held humanity back for too long. We are innovators, revolutionaries, inventors at heart. We are built to improve upon. Have we forgotten?


Sagittarius New Moon has set a high bar--the stakes are high--and so must the performance be. There is no other choice than to succeed wildly beyond all expectations.

Sagittarius is looking straight at us, sees us. Now we must live up to being seen.



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