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Libra New Moon Blessings

Welcome to the New Moon in Libra Sunday, September 25, 17:54 EST, 2°48' sky song moon, moon of the winds face to the sun moon, moon of tomorrows the vistas moon Libra New Moon arrives on the winds amid a flock of retrograde planets (Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, Pluto). Things are moving in strange ways, like a feather catching invisible tufts on a breeze, or the soaring of a raptor on the thermals, seemingly still yet using great energy to maintain control of direction in the slicing headwinds. Whether we're tossed about or holding steady is a reflection of how we relate to the element of air, how we move in the freedom of the sky. Libra hangs her scales in the starry night sky, not necessarily to bring balance, but to measure, to see how the energies, the values are in relationship with each other. When one is weighed against the other, the scale pans rest suspended, perhaps not balanced in equals, but balanced nonetheless. Does equilibrium have to be equal? The state of balance is not something to be achieved. Balance is dynamic. Balance isn't always symmetrical. The fulcrum isn't always at the center point. Balance is motion, is moving, is the expression of center, midpoint, midline. The laws of nature follow ratios, increasing/decreasing in fractals. The scales of Libra represent the places where those move into new proportions: Libra Sun bringing in the new season, the transitions between yearly cycles. Libra Moon is another cycle within that cycle. Libra in Sun & Moon, those scales weigh the intangible, the unseen forces that exist and guide us as we step into the unknown. Step and scale. Motion and stillpoint. The titration of these times. Libra and her scales are here waiting for our questions as we experiment. How much of this value relates to that value? What needs to be added or taken away to reach equilibrium? Is balance about equals? Can I accept one higher and one lower as a form of equilibrium? Equilibrium is not about equal measure, but about opposing forces canceling each other out evenly, so that the object (or you, the human, in the cosmos) is in a state of rest, where there is no change. Wait. Could it be that retrogrades are part of a larger movement of stabilization? Revolutions in a cycle could be harmonizing a greater, higher tone in the universe and for the beings in it? Undulations birthing steady expansion, moving us to grow in relationship. Moving us to change as a constant, and us finding the equilibrium within it. The scales are before us. They work on the principles of coordination and cooperation. Libra New Moon calls us in to play with the me and the you and to find our personal centers and the relationships between them. What is me, what is you, and what becomes of those to create that which is central, shared between us. It's a game of compliments and contrasts. May we all win.

The New Moon is a perfect time to support your intention setting with the guidance of energy coaching and intuitive astrology. Commit to yourSelf on a deeper level, align your energy with resonance and purpose, and manifest through heart-centered empowerment. If you wish to journey or explore through your natal chart what is forming, shifting, being activated for you by the current astrological transits, let's sit and weave together to reveal your personal movement through these times. Much love, many blessings! ~Wendy Please forward and share this Libra New Moon Blessings with your loves.

News & Upcoming Events Elevate: Vortex of Expansion, Oct. 1 This online summit features several amazing presenters and LOTS of amazing giveaways, including Connected Being's PDF of the Scorpio Cycle of the 2022 Lunar Almanac and a Lunar Guidance session. Learn more about Elevate and register here! Scorpio Cycle of the Lunar Almanac One of my favorite lunar cycles and times of the year, the Scorpio Cycle will be available for purchase by Oct. 1, 2022. If you've been missing the Lunar Almanac this year or are curious about what that even is, I'll be sending the link (subscribe to the New Moon Blessings) as soon as it's ready for you! Writing Down the Moon: Lunar Almanac The Lunar Almanac 2023/24 is being re-visioned and re-crafted for the next zodiac wheel of the year. Stay tuned for updates!



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