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Aries New Moon Blessings

Welcome in the New Moon in Aries

Tuesday, March 21, 13:22 EST, 0°49'

We've crossed the threshold. What was is no longer. We are in the fire, being transmuted and forged. What we are, how we form ourselves, is entirely up to us.

We find ourselves in Aries New Moon, the newest of the New Moons. 0°, the zero point field, the place of quantum potential, the nothingness that contains the all. Paradox collapsed upon itself, new paradigms already obsolete. Consciousness observing itself, scrying the embryonic flames of trans-formation. We are moving beyond form.

This lunation calls us to ourselves, to boldly claim who we are, that we are. Identity is an echo, a shadow. Who we really are is an undeniable force rising with the heat and sparks, lighting up night skies, illuminating the ethers. We are the ring of fire. We empty and contain. The merging, convergence of opposites.

We are being called to transmute our beliefs about our wounds and our healing. To throw ourselves immediately onto the ground kissing our own feet in devotion to the truth of our own medicine. We are pilgrims of our own calling. The mecca in me. We are seekers of an eternal flame, an infinite source. We are the holders of that fire.

This is not just for our own edification. We are not circling the navel nor contemplating the drain. Aries pulls us out of our ennui and stagnation, away from the enticements of analysis and avoidance. Aries squares us by the shoulders, looks firmly into our eyes and gives no fucks about our reasonings and excuses, our contortions of adolescent ego and small self. Squeamish or shrinking back at all?

Aries gives the push.

If you won't act, you won't get to choose. If you won't choose to act, your direction will be cast for you. The force is fierce. The alchemical catalyst is upon us. No time to observe. It's already done. The synapses are firing fast. As soon as it's a thought, the omnidirectional quicksilver spins, already in the next, envisioning multiple evolutions. Each and every nanosecond. Mercurial reality expressing itself, the multifaceted, multidimensional messenger speaking in ancestral star tongues of our inherited future.

What deeply transformative structures will we create? What repressed desires yearn to be expressed? What will will humans will?

We find harmony in the heart's passion of claiming our true Self, the liberation of self beyond identity, beyond perception, burning off persona. Harmony in squaring our convictions, our assertions, our willpower with and among our own individual expansion and the expansion of this world as sentience and our human family among all beings. Harmony in the catch of the spark to flame, the initiation of an ignition of genius.

To say these are revolutionary times is almost laughable in the context of what we're facing. We hear of the new world and it echoes back to our past through mirrored skies--we are having a return. This one is not of manifest destiny, but of our divinity. Our divine nature. Our divine place in the order of divinity. Order is consciousness observing chaos. The universe knowing itself through us.

We are just at the beginning. This lunation ends in Aries and our next New Moon will also be in Aries 29°50'. We are living sacred geometry and metaphysical mathematics in this elegant cosmos. We are being ushered into a maturation of humanity which we have not yet seen in our species' known history. We are Rising.

May we come of age together round the bonfire of transcendent wisdom, embracing the mysteries under starry skies, crafting our visionary creation stories to tell and tell again.

We are the fire keepers of these times.

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This is a time in the evolution of humanity

to take extra good care of your energy field.

The New Moon is a perfect time to seek support through

the guidance of energy coaching.

Commit to yourSelf on a deeper level,

align your energy with resonance and purpose,

and manifest through heart-centered empowerment.

If you wish to journey with intuitive astrology or explore through your natal chart what is forming, shifting, being activated for you by the current astrological transits, let's sit and weave together to reveal your personal movement through these times.

Much love, many blessings!




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