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Leo New Moon Blessings

Welcome to the New Moon in Leo

Sunday, August 8, 9:49 EST, 16*13'

moon of the infinite, wildess moon

time-bending moon, moon of exhultations

golden portals moon, belly of the heart moon

Our soft animal bodies, the beating of our hearts, padding across this earthen landscape, we are transmitters and receivers in our conductive fields. Under Leo Moon and Sun, the bellows of our bellies fill and sound, low, guttural waves of vibrations sounding across expanses. We pick up energies through standing hairs, third eye, sixth senses. We roar into the infinite; the infinite responds.

We are messengers of the messages of cosmic resonators like our own hearts. We lick the air in knowing. Leo energies shift our cycles of rest and work.We are active in liminal space, twilight hunters, crepuscular beings. We bask in the sun and moonbeams, relaxed, nonchalantly attentive, attuned. We are regal among all that is divinely royal. Rulers of our elevated domains, sovereign beings in an acknowledging universe, the dominion of all space, all time.

Leo Moon, Leo Sun is the healthy ego centered in the greatness of all beings. We embrace our largess knowing it is needed in the world of worlds, while remaining aware of the power of others and our responsibility. Our pride feeds the pride, our collective. When we are at our most powerful, we are in humble service.

This is a Moon cycle of the infinite heart. The heart is a time-bender. Love jumps timelines, speaks across generations, flows through multi-dimensions. We, like the astral lion of Leo, are aligned with the star of the Lion's Heart: Regulus, Qalb al-Asad, Cor Leonis, Basiliskos, Sharru, Magha, Miyan. An ancient center lighting the ecliptic, the very path of our Sun and our Moon and their eclipses. From here we orient as we and our heavenly bodies travel the vastness of space. Our midline, that which is central in us, illuminated, the enlightened path activated in the space of our cosmos.

If we have ever doubted our nobility, Leo is here to remind us that our courage is rooted in the language of heart (cor/cour = heart, Latin). We are native to this divine nature. We have no choice but to bow in honor to this truth. Just as the Sun shines, just as the Moon waxes and wanes, we must also simply embody our celestial being, for we are a part of the greater order.

Shine on, love, with the light of one hundred and eight Suns reflected in one hundred and eight Moons.

What does this lunar cycle reveal in your chart?

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