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Pisces New Moon Blessings

Photo credit: Mike Powell

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Welcome to the New Moon in Pisces Saturday, March 13, 05:21 EST, 23*03'

In this watery sign of Pisces, we find ourselves at this New Moon in the vibrational vernal pools at the cusp of the spring equinox. Here is where the promise of the next cycle is bound in amphibious eggs, strewn floating in ponds, wetlands and even seasonal puddles formed only for a few weeks. There is spiritual significance in these amphibious roots of life, of watery seeds planted in a metamorphosis cycle of life before birth, held in suspension in the egg sac. Develping egg clusters are bathed in frog and toad songs, the ripples harmonizing the cohesion of the vibratory field. Life being sung into existence. We too are in the metamorphic phase of the zodiac wheel, dissolving our outer casings, remembering our watery being. Knowing ourselves as well-arranged liquid, of saturated soul. In our unforming, the dissolution dissolves, allowing parts of us to release themselves to merge with the parts of the all. This is our spiritual work under the Pisces New Moon. Where we allow matter to release its bonds of form and move into a more spacious configuration, we create a suspension that holds the moment of transpiring, transitioning, transcending. We move into the flow of liquid state and assume new form, take on the new form of the shape of any novel container. Author John McPhee speaks of this in terms of writing, "If you put an ounce into a bucket each day, eventually you get a quart." In terms of spiritual practice, we are placing the ounce that overflows the bucket. That action gives recognition to the truth that we've been filling a bucket that itself is also submerged in the whole of the ocean. We've been filling a bucket with the very same substance in which it is held. Its walls permeable, the vessel itself is contained in and of the cosmic pool. We are not outside of this bucket filling it. Rather pouring energy from one field into another in the dreamplay of nesting overflowing containers within containers. In the meeting of our essence, we are drawing out what is vital within. In the bringing in the ounce to pour into the bucket, we are now that. What is the context of being the ounce, or the vessel, or the pond, or the ocean, or the cosmos? What happens to the "I am" of being when in the presence of and in presence to transcendence? Bring your ounce, and keep filling. Practice your practice of spirit, and all is being fulfilled.


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