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Aquarius New Moon Blessings

gathering moon, moon of righting the way, transducer moon

oracle moon, moon of breaking through the hull

collective moon, moon of fractals

Welcome to the New Moon in Aquarius

Thursday, February 11, 14:05 EST, 23*16'

Nothing is subtle in these astrological times. Aquarius arrives with a six planet stellium. Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury (retrograde), Jupiter and Saturn currently share the same 30 degrees of the zodiac wheel. The sign of the collective conscience, Aquarius is certainly playing the part. With ruling planet Uranus in Taurus, conjunct Black Moon Lilith (who is conjunct Mars) and square much of the stellium, Aquarius and Taurus are engaged in a fixed square.

Aquarius has gathered many teachers, experts and guides for this passage, for this collaborative choice point. And we are to follow suit, strengthening our communities of family, friends, cohorts, colleagues, comrades and other associations. They may be shifting and reforming. Likely they have been for some time. Notice who has drifted away and who has arrived. These are new times; they require new configurations. Aquarius will lead the way with innovative combinations to bring about the most expansive version of the new vision being co-created.

The planetary cohort working the energies in Aquarius at this New Moon is setting clear intention for the cycle ahead. Illumination, reflection, transmission, unification, expansion beyond belief systems, and structuring are keywords inherent in this stellium. These different principles are each bringing something unique, yet important, even required for this forward motion. Fixed signs, of which Aquarius and Taurus both are, tend to resist change pretty firmly. Or at least sacrifice novelty for stability at all costs. So to move this energy forward pretty much takes a cohesive team. Evolution requires revolution of some kind. The revolving of the planets create momentum. Once this energy of the square is released from its preferred state of inertia, the wave of energy available and flowing, making things happen, is a monumental force.

Think solar winds, which have radiated outwardly in a cosmic spiral over the past several days. This force of the sun is one of plasma and magnetic field, potentially expressing as the unique phenomena of geomagnetic auroras with their magical liquid~electric dance in our atmosphere. It'll be dazzling, enchanting and possibly problematic. Intense enough solar winds could disrupt and even destroy many of the technologies we rely upon.

While we have the energy of the spheres in great supply at the moment, remember it is momentary. The Moon, the Sun, and the inner planets will soon be on their way along their orbits, moving into the next sign and the next. While I've geeked out a bit on the technology of astrology, of the geometry of relational interplay, the truth is this is a time of conceptualization, the electrical element of air. Right now we've got myriad synapses firing, bonds being made, new pathways of circuitry being routed.

The lightning fast speed of this Aquarius season has actually settled into our own plasmic membranes, in our cells. We've been connecting and integrating and actualizing this with the Aquarius Sun transit since January 19. We've been well prepared for this moment. Remember how powerful you are in all of this, with your unique qualities and gifts. They are needed in the collective. You are needed. Remember who you are.

Remember what you are.

Remember that you are. Recognize that the moment it cognates for you, it is yours to bring forward.

Show up. Bring your magic. The field is electric and super-charged.

See it ~ Be it

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