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Virgo New Moon Blessings

Art by Lucy Pierce

Welcome to the New Moon in Virgo

Monday, September 6, 20:51 EST, 14*37'

moon of the dark night doula, speaking moon

3 stars in the crown moon, moon of holding returns

fill the inkwells moon, moon of sovereign ritual

pours tea on the earth moon, why moon

moon of Arianrhod

This is a New Moon in a time of all times. We are in a specific moment of cyclicity and universality. Virgo Sun and Moon merge with the emergent, holding all truths as sovereign beings in the context of the cosmic container.

Virgo steps forth, tending the center, mending timelines, weaving in stray strands. With her discerning fingertips, she feels, senses that which is order among chaos, illusions cast from the falsehoods of mankind. She draws the potentiated from the potential, the completion from the undone, the formed authority from a formless Source.

She is of the Order of the Divine Birth-rite. Our mastery arises from forging our own paths, lead on by an inner greatness from deep within. We exist outside of, beyond hierarchies, institutions, imposed roles. Ours is the paradigm of Holism. We are holy in this endeavor towards each other as we fully embody our Self as one of many. We are woven together by her fingertips, each thread expressing an individual coiling enfoldment of interdependence. Another of the great precepts of each divinely ordained birth: We belong to each other.

We exist among the whole and the specific. Virgo is our organizing principle, She of Cohesion. With her resonant planet, Mercury, she spins perception, messages, communication into fine yarns that hold their weight and strengthen in collective union. We are beings of matter, forms manifesting forms in an ever evolutionary mutable transitioning. We are organizing cosmic shift. All strings are part of the framework of a unified field.

We are all phases of existence, sacred in our stage and function. We, when applying ourselves fully, gaining through the experiential that beyond academic degrees, when reclaiming the castle that once worshiped the ivory tower, WE begin spelling a new language of inherent power belonging to all peoples, beings who belong to each other. We are no longer waiting, settling for gurus' accolades because we have learned from the gurus that we are gurus. G-U-R-U.

Isn't it glorious to turn to ourselves and to each other in refining our quest, our purpose, our highest aspirational raison d'être?

Even the science of physics turns to the poetics of language to describe phenomenon in the nature of the universe: "Anyone who has studied physics is aware that although physics—like history—does not precisely repeat itself, it does rhyme, with similar structures appearing in different areas." ~physicist Edward Witten.

Isn't it, then, that the language of symbols and signs are in correspondence, they rhyme throughout our living in a time-space continuum? What repetitions become our incantations, our poems, our generations, our graphs and charts, our songs gifted to us by a universe of infinite patterned chaos of formless matter? Listen, child of the Virgo New Moon. Sit still and listen. When you have heard the stillness, speak then your rhymes into the great harmony of existence.

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The New Moon is a perfect time to support your intention setting with

the guidance of energy coaching and intuitive astrology.

Commit to yourSelf on a deeper level, align your energy with resonance and purpose,

and manifest through heart-centered empowerment. Connected Being is here for you.

If you wish to journey or explore through your natal chart what is forming, shifting,

being activated for you by the current astrological transits, let's sit and

weave together to reveal your personal movement through these times.

Much love, many blessings!




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