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Taurus New Moon Blessings

Aries held on to just about the last hour of the Sun into the New Moon in Taurus. Aries, with Aries in Chiron, had some serious healing to do this year around our egos and identity, both individual and collective. This was all necessary, and Aries demanded full attention on the initiation of this fiery-willed task. What was begun in Aries for this journey around the zodiac wheel is ready for its next phase. Taurus arrives now and the pace slows. Energies begin to settle and the work of grounding begins. Taurus, the builder, the foundation layer, the architect of the heart, the lover of the earthly sublime, the provider, the manifested, the keeper of rhythms. Taurus brings us back to the earth, wraps our senses in the natural world. Taurus reminds us this is the time to relax into the earth, to feel again into our own forms of matter and to reconnect with the earth’s heartbeat. Taurus stands solidly upon the earth, the warmth of the sun absorbing into his skin, his huge heart filling with light. The heart, the portal. And through Taurus, with ruling planet Venus, the goddess of love radiates through and reminds us that we on this earth are here to anchor this light of the Sun, this universal love through our own hearts. We stand firmly on this earthen ground with Taurus, opening our hearts through Venus, channeling this light of the Sun, of a thousand Suns in the cosmos. For being firmly grounded is the exact way to open to the farthest reaches. Being finely attuned to the vibrational field of the heart propels our travel through the ethers, carried along on the waves of our own radiating heartbeats. The torus of our hearts and the torus of Earth's heart synchronized, energized, potent. We are in parallel, in tune, bathed in the pure pleasure of the sensual nature of our being, of our belonging to this earth and held in its delights among the cosmos. All the while grounded, feet firm and connected. While we travel the vast oceans of light, we too bring that light through us and anchor it here on our home planet. We are divine beings of light in material form, connecting celestial realms and earthen magic, our transducer hearts knowing the way. What will we create with the technology of our heart? The New Moon is a perfect time to support your intention setting with coaching. If you are ready to commit to yourself on a deeper lever, are open to self-discovery that aligns you with your core values and life purpose, and are willing to believe you can manifest your heart's truest desires, Connected Being is here for you. I am honored to work with you; see announcement below! Much Love, Many Blessings!

News & Upcoming Events Taurus New Moon Cycle Wellness & Connection ~Biodynamic Presence, Distance Energy Work ~Astral Navigation: Lunar Guidance & Intuitive Astrology ~Energy Coaching Learn More April 22 - May 21 I am offering several sessions each week in exchange for a love offering to those who are experiencing financial stress during these times. Please contact me directly to schedule.



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