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Libra Full Moon Blessings

Libra the balancer, the taker of pieces and making them whole, focused on relationships—between ideas, self, other, community, world. With Venus underlying, this is the conceptual aspects of love—choosing to love, beyond our stories, perceptions, opinions, intellect and also with all of these, integrated into our wholeness, balancing our minds with our hearts.

Especially now we’re being asked to balance the scales. There are all sorts of theories, suspicions, logical assumptions, projections. So much activity of the mind trying to make sense of everything, in an effort to gain some semblance of control in what seems to be completely out of control. In this flurry of mental exercise, it’s easy to be consumed by fear and to believe we can’t survive this. It’s utter chaos and catastrophe. The scales are tipped hard right now.

In balance is equanimity. The Buddhists recognize the human condition and reassure us, “Relax, everything is out of control.”

Libra helps us take in and sort all the pieces, observing, weighing, without overwhelm. When we emulate Libra and take the pieces as they come and turn our attention to sorting them through the scales, seeing how they tip the balance, taking a little from here, adding a little there, we become part of the balancing, part of the solution, agents of equanimity.

With Venus present, we are reminded to do so from the heart. To allow the mind its function AND to weigh in with our hearts about that information. When we allow our minds to lead, we can concoct stories so preposterous we have forever thereafter to make believe they’re real (a nod to Jack Kerouac). When we tune into our hearts, we balance those thought processes of data collection and calculated knowing with our intuitive senses that reach deeper than our knowing into our wisdom. The heart connects us across time and space, allows us to feel beyond the immediate which preoccupies our minds, to reach into the wisdom of the ages to our ancestral knowledge.

So even if we just sit with these scales within for ourselves, we are being called to the work of these times (and arguably of all times to heal the timeline backward and forward). Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, begins with self, self-concept, identity, personhood, the individual in the world.

It’s the time of asking ourselves: When I sit with Libra’s scales, who do I find myself to be? Where am I finding balance? Where am I having to work to balance the scales? Is my mind heavier than my heart? What happens when I weigh ideas, through mind? What happens when I weigh feelings, through heart? Weigh feelings through mind, thoughts through heart? Weigh mind to heart? Ideas to feelings?

Aries also brings innocence and child-like qualities to this work. A sort of play. Being the first sign, akin to the East—the place of beginnings, beginner’s mind, conception, the embryo of ideas—Aries comes to this new, with fresh eyes to Libra’s scales. It’s all a way to better know Self.

Libra supports that individual introspection of the Self and pulls it out into relations with others, how we fit into a collective with Venus love and finding beauty in our human existence. We know through the balance of Aries/Mars/Fire and Libra/Venus/Air that we find wholeness in masculine/feminine, dark/light, destruction/creation. (Remember our friend Chiron is in Aries—the wounded healer, the integrated whole of wounds and healing, Self first, then others.)

The Full Moon is this exactly. The wholeness, the completion, the integration of disparate parts of our inner selves. Full Moons are intense, and this Super Moon, the brightest of the three in three consecutive Super Moons (March-May) is casting the strongest light, amidst the strongest luminaries of the year in these three moons, to dispel the strongest dark. This is the harvest time of the Moon cycle, where we are called to accept and make use of all that has come from our intention setting and seed sowing. What do we hold in our hands, put on the scales? This is a powerful time of transmutation. It begins within. Flood yourself in the light of your truth, walk balanced in the world, trust your heart, and love. This is just the beginning.



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