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Women's Wisdom Circle:

writing the moon

The Women's Wisdom Circle explores journaling as a creative medium for setting intention in connection with the cycle of the moon. This space is intended for experimentation, discovery, and expression of each woman as the writer of her own wisdom. No previous writing experience required.

Through writing prompts, creativity exercises, and a custom moon mandala, we will observe the moon phases and cosmic characteristics that influence our energetic bodies and the embodiment of our intentions. We will flow between individual and group experiences as we are held by the circle.

Over the course of four weeks, you will develop a deepened ability to connect to your inner wisdom, trust your own intuition, and embody your personal power.

In the Circle You Receive

  • Four 3-hour meetings, one each week for the New, First Quarter, Full, and Third Quarter Moons

  • Four Moon Blessings emails, one for each of the moon phases between meetings: Crescent, Gibbous, Disseminating, Balsamic--including journal prompts and self care reminders

  • Custom Moon Mandala, created and handmade by Wendy

  • A Moon Journal, Awareness Wheel, all materials needed for activities each session

  • Guided meditations, customized for each group and each quarter moon phase

  • Sacred, safe space for vulnerability, genuine sharing, and bold exploration

  • Techniques for tapping into the subconscious mind

  • Depth for wherever you are on your journey; deep dive from where you are right now

  • Journaling prompts, creativity exercises, self-care reminders

  • Self-discovery tools

  • Practice connecting to your intuitive, energetic body

  • A framework for further personal exploration

  • Loving, joyful, compassionate support

  • Private Facebook group to stay in contact with the Circle between meetings

  • Access to Wendy throughout the month for personalized lunar guidance

  • Complimentary sample Connected Being coaching session

Wendy has taught college writing courses and loves encouraging the writer within.
The journal is her first love, the root of the root of the root of all she creates.

Women's Words About the Circle

Wendy is a down-to-earth professional, and her creative wisdom reaches into the hidden chambers of the psyche, the depths of the soul. I was among the first to experience her Women’s Writing Circle: the moon journal. The materials, beautifully created by Wendy’s own hand, artistically guided each participant through a month of lunar reflection. The professionalism of her materials was matched only by the professionalism of her carefully crafted presentation, thoughtfully constructed writing prompts, and assurance of the safety and sanctity of the circle. I recommend this workshop to anyone on the journey to inner discovery, wherever you are on your path. 

Marybeth Perry

Wendy is one of the most sincere, compassionate people I know. She led the circle with grace and expert knowledge, allowing space for each one of us to enter at our own pace and in anyway we needed to learn the lessons uniquely ours. I absolutely recommend  the program to other women because I know the value in Self discovery and Self Love. 

Pamela Bradshaw, Yoga Teacher, 500+ YTT Sivananda Yoga, 300 YTT Cancer Care Yoga, 200 YTT Martin Kirk Yoga Therapy

Circle Registration

Registration Closed

Much love, many blessings!
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