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Lunar Almanac ~ Scorpio Cycle

Lunar Almanac ~ Scorpio Cycle


The Lunar Almanac is an inspired guide and journal that lays the foundation for astrological and personal exploration. Signs, planets, elements, modalities, and Moon transits and phases are arranged in a heartfully crafted, intuitively lead format.

The Scorpio Moon Cycle includes a Moon Mandala calendar, New Moon astrological details, and 8 Moon Phase journal sections. Each Moon Phase section tends to your awarenesses, insights, and intuitive explorations through lunar energy reads, journal prompts, and attunement exercises that help you tune in and shape your own unique intentions and practice. Blending full color graphicss with blank journal pages, the Lunar Almanac is your inspired creative space to be in rhythmic retreat.


Immediately downloadable writable PDF. You can choose to print and write on the journal pages or journal right into the digital file.

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