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Writing Down the Moon:
New Moon Blessings Circle

transformational women's wisdom circles

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There is magic in the mundane!

Unveil the mysteries of the spheres via the Moon's cyclical, seasonal journey around the zodiac wheel. Reveal the

messages and energies of astral teachers and guides

as you develop your own intuitive connection

to the Moon and the celestial orbs.

Writing Down the Moon:
Aries New Moon Blessings Circle

Gatherings will be held live on Zoom and will be recorded

and available to watch at a later date.

Aries New Moon Blessings Circle

Thursday Evening, March 31,  7-9 pm EST

The Circle holds Ceremonial Space


  • New Moon Ritual

  • Intuitive Listening & Intention Setting

  • New Moon Writual (writing as ritual)

  • New Moon Cycle Astrological Energy Overview

  • Guided Meditation

  • Sharing Circle

The Lunar Almanac makes a great companion to

the journaling we do together in Circle.

Aries Moon WDTM Journal.png

In Lunar Cycles That I'm not 

Holding Circle, Book a 1:1

Session to Prepare You and 

get a glimpse of the energies

that are influencing your

natal chart & current transits.

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