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Saturday, March 13

1 - 2 pm EST


free offering

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Pisces New Moon Gathering

There is magic in the mundane!

Unveil the mysteries of the spheres via the Moon's cyclical, seasonal journey around the zodiac wheel. Reveal the

messages and energies of astral teachers and guides

as you develop your own intuitive connection

to the Moon and the celestial orbs.

transformational women's wisdom circles

Writing Down the Moon

Pisces New Moon Gathering

Saturday, March 13, 1 - 2 pm EST
our Circle will be held online

Observe the New Moon in a ritual Circle and explore the energy of the

"Cosmic Kiss" when the Sun and Moon are conjunct. Take a pause and tune into yourSelf as you prepare for a new cycle. Once we close Circle,

we will have time to talk about Writing Down the Moon

as a magical practice of living life as an offering.

Registration Closed.

Much love, many blessings!

Allison Bradley

Knoxville, TN

Working with Wendy has helped me to embody and integrate cyclic spiritual practices into everyday life. Each writing or creative exploration that Wendy shares in group adds depth and nuance to building understanding of astrological insights and incorporating this knowledge into personal daily practice and reflection. I always enjoy being a part of the Women's Wisdom Circles and experiencing the supportive and replenishing sacred space that Wendy creates for the group.

Lunar Craters

A Zodiac Wheel of the Year Journal

Companion resource to Writing Down the Moon or

stand alone journal to accompany your personal journey.

12 Moon Cycles with journal prompts,

customized Moon phase guidance, zodiac sign & ruling planet characteristics, and custom Moon Mandalas.

Lunar Almanac

Seed of life yellow moon.jpg

Jennifer Jane Nicely

Knoxville, TN

I am so grateful Wendy is on her path and sharing her gifts! Melding practical tools with profound spiritual insight, Wendy guides with compassion, wisdom, patience and beautiful knowledge to share. My overall experience of the Circle was one of being gently challenged to go deeper — into my grounded knowledge of the moon cycles and astral forces, as well as my commitment to my own self care and transformation. I have gained more knowledge of the moon herself, as well as more insight into my own physical, emotional and energetic cycles. I would definitely recommend to any woman who is seeking healing or more balance in her life.

Jane Hollander-Bonifazzi

Los Angeles, CA

I joined the Moon Circle at a time when getting together, in person, with like-minded women was out of the question. Our moon was safe in the sky but our mother earth was struggling with the pandemic. Needless to say it was a heart opening opportunity to be guided by Wendy, down a path of self discovery, filled with love  and compassion. Wendy’s intuitive knowledge was like a guiding light, Helping all in our group to get in touch with the deep mysteries that surround our lives. I am extremely grateful for the Moon Circle and to Wendy for making this world a  better place to be.

Sharon Spontak


Wendy has created a beautiful offering of tools that have helped me to connect more deeply within while using the supportive energies of the moon cycle. Having participated in these circles online as well as in person- Wendy creates a space that has helped me gain clarity and deeper insights into the desires of my heart through guided intention and embodiment practices. Wendy's gift of coaching transfers to the circle so you are getting coaching along with all the other yumminess of learning to trust yourself and connect to the wisdom within while being able to share with the beautiful and inspiring women that Wendy attracts to her circles.

Live your life as an offering ... rhythm with the Moon

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