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Energy waves

"I have invested in coaching, therapy and other modalities in the past, often leaving with someone telling me what I should do. My experience with Wendy was entirely refreshing. Wendy is a gifted coach. She helped me to have an important breakthrough. I was looking for an answer when what I needed was to access the answer within myself, and Wendy provided that space for me. She is able to reflect and listen, and it is obvious she wants you to trust yourself and find the answers within rather than simply telling you what to do. If you are looking to connect to your wisdom within, to be listened to and want to be guided, supported and empowered to heal yourself then you owe it to yourself to have a session and more with Wendy."




Wendy and Connected Being Coaching have transformed my life!

After just a short time working with Wendy I found my clarity, courage, and motivation
to complete a book project I procrastinated finishing for 10 years. Her wise and gentle
guidance lead me to understand where my blocks were and how to eliminate them,
clearing my path to success.

As we continued our sessions together, I tackled perhaps the most debilitating aspect of
my professional life (and my personal life), how to value my worth. Although I have
been a professional photographer for many years, I continue to struggle with that core
issue, what am I worth, otherwise known as “who do you think you are?” Through a series of succinct visualization exercises, my old dysfunctional beliefs were illuminated and could be replaced with the reality of my true worth. Decades of devaluing myself and my abilities evaporated and my next gig was priced properly, the client happily agreed, and we had an amazing shoot! With Wendy as my coach, I feel I can choose any dream I desire to fulfill and she will 
provide presence and support as I empower myself to manifest it.

Wendy is a deeply compassionate coach, and embraces her calling to assist people in
achieving their goals by following their own inner wisdom. She is the perfect balance of
healer, teacher, guide.


Los Angeles, CA

Wendy is a beautifully compassionate coach. She’s incredibly intuitive with deep insight and wisdom. As my coach, Wendy made me feel that she was always 100% present for me and simply met me on my path, wherever that happened to be. She helped me see my life in a new light and achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Wendy as a life coach. 


Minneapolis, MN

I love how Wendy took me deep and helped me connect with a soul level awareness. I have gained more clarity about intuition as an internal guide. What I see now, through coaching with Wendy, is the greater destination--I now have a picture of the map, a blueprint of my soul's mission. Her coaching has helped me with navigation; I have found my inner compass with which I can move forward with greater ease and awareness.


Knoxville, TN

Testimonials               Circles

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Wendy is a wonderful workshop guide. Her attention to detail, organizational skills, and preparation for the classes shows her passion and dedication to writing. She generously offers so much of herself to the process that you cannot help but be inspired! The gentle and encouraging feminine energy of her workshop is a safe and comfortable space to explore our creativity, community, and transformational power as women. This is an amazing experience!


Wendy is an excellent and inspirational facilitator, and her journaling workshop is creative, insightful, and so much fun! The time seems to fly by when we’re together.

Her gentle guidance has been encouraging all of us to turn our hopes and intentions into actions. I am especially grateful for that as I feel I’ve been stuck for quite a while now. I’m learning more about myself every week. Wendy is willing to share what she is learning with us as well, which I truly appreciate. The opportunity to share this experience with other female kindred spirits is priceless. I would definitely take this workshop again.  


Wendy is a down-to-earth professional, and her creative wisdom reaches into the hidden chambers of the psyche, the depths of the soul. I was among the first to experience her Women’s Writing Circle: the moon journal. The materials, beautifully created by Wendy’s own hand, artistically guided each participant through a month of lunar reflection. The professionalism of her materials was matched only by the professionalism of her carefully crafted presentation, thoughtfully constructed writing prompts, and assurance of the safety and sanctity of the circle. I recommend this workshop to anyone on the journey to inner discovery, wherever you are on your path. 


Wendy is one of the most sincere, compassionate people I know. She led the circle with grace and expert knowledge, allowing space for each one of us to enter at our own pace and in anyway we needed to learn the lessons uniquely ours. I absolutely recommend  the program to other women because I know the value in Self discovery and Self Love. 


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