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Women’s Writing Circle

the moon journal

March 6                           6-9 pm

March 13, 20, 27              6-8 pm

The Women’s Writing Circle explores journaling as a creative medium for setting intention in connection with the cycle of the moon. This space is intended for experimentation, discovery, and expression of each woman as the writer of her own wisdom. No previous writing experience required.

Through writing prompts, creativity exercises, and a custom moon mandala, we will observe the moon phases and cosmic characteristics that influence our energetic bodies and the embodiment of our intentions. We will flow between individual and group experiences as we are held by the circle.

Over the course of four weeks, you will develop a deepened ability to connect to your inner wisdom, trust your own intuition, and reveal your personal power.

In honor of the Circle, the group will be limited in size.

Wendy has taught writing courses at community colleges and loves encouraging the writer within.
The journal is her first love, the root of the root of the root of all she creates.

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