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One thing that sets the Lunar Almanac apart from other astrological calendar/journals is the truly spiritual nature of this guide. We are asked immediately and consistently to participate, to truly engage with the information given. There are no surface, superficial, trivial tricks here. The Lunar Almanac is for those of us who are committed to learning more about the cosmos and our inner selves -- our shadows, our rhythms, our dreams and desires-- against the backdrop of these transpersonal patterns.

  • Lunar Almanac 2022-3

    Writing Down the Moon
    Valid for one year
    • 12 Lunar Cycles, one available for download each month
    • 12 New Moon Astrology Overview (Recorded), one per month
    • Private Community Forum
    • New Moon Blessings Monthly Newsletter
    • Bonus Materials
    • One 30-min. Lunar Guidance Session w/Wendy (my gift to you)
    • 20% off New Moon Blessings Circle
  • Lunar Almanac Month

    Every month
    month by month
    Valid for 12 months
    • WDTM Lunar Almanac Cycle
    • New Moon Recorded message
    • Private, Interactive Forum
    • New Moon Blessings Monthly Newsletter