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Cancer New Moon Blessings

photo credit: Wendy Weiss

Welcome to the New Moon in Cancer

Friday July 9, 21:16 EST, 18*01'

nurturance moon, moon of returning cycles

worthiness moon, unconditional love moon

moon of feminine lineage, cardinal orientation moon

Create altars. Light candles. Consult the cards. Listen to the oracles. Connect to guides. Lean into ritual relationship with water. Cancer New Moon embraces us with a cosmic mother's "eyes in the back of the head" knowing and gentle support. Remember the back body represents the inner self, so the cosmic mother sees through to who we really are, knows our behaviors do not always reflect our true best Self or ever determine our degree of lovability. Hush child, come here and soothe your weary nervous system. Be held in your feelings as the emotions wash over in ebb and flow. Let the tears bring out your inner ocean in salty trails upon your tender cheeks. There, there. Shhhhhhh... The ocean houses all creatures, including those with hard outer shells encasing soft hearts. Cancer the crab stands guarded, guarding a delicate, yielding inner wisdom. Rider of the tides, feaster at the banquet of tide pools at the intersection of land and sea, crab is a bridger of elements, a balancer of complimentary opposites.

This yin-yang quality is reflected in some current aspects in our skies, visible in the dark of night. The Sun and Moon conjunct in Cancer are balanced in opposition to the wounded healer Chiron in Aries who is trine Venus conjunct Mars in Leo. Classical dualities are merging and pivoting in relationship to each other around the great zodiac healer and teacher.

Whatever we've just been through, there is great mending, regeneration and rebirth encircled in this ancient~new lunar cycle. Celebrate with each other another opportunity to reclaim our Self-determined ancestral worth and recommit to the Self-care of our cosmic being.

Much love, many blessings!



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