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Aries New Moon Blessings

Welcome to the New Moon in Aries

Sunday, April 11, 22:30 EST, 22*24'

maiden gifts moon, moon of crowns

flowering child moon, moon of the bear watcher

star seeding moon, art of the land moon

moon of infinite potential

The lunar wheel of the zodiac turns today, bringing us into a new cycle within a larger cycle. This one begins the weaving of the next twelve Moons and has the potency to set the tone of the string that will be wound around each lunation. Moving forward, we know, is a cycle, a meandering along a spiral in which we also find ourselves re-turning.

Like the horn of Aries, the path moves inward, turns, and moves outward. And yet, how is this a beginning? Where do we start?

We start with the impulse, the pulse within that urges. It's a quickening, a flash, the match catching to flame, the seed fluff igniting a forest. All life begins with a spark. Each creation an active, reactive response to a catalyst. We stand with the seedlings, the first translucent blooms, the eggshell crackling in new grass. All is new around us. We've been here before.

Aries catches the faintest flicker, accelerates growth from the power of the fires within the womb of the earth, is the child of beginner's mind wide-eyed, unfurling discovery-knowing.The curl of an unfolding blazing, fiery dance of generation. Aries steps forward from the void, into the fires that forge Selfhood, and rises with infinite possibility.

We are swept up in the passion too, the will to step out of the known into the unknown. We fill the gaps with innocence, wonder, invincible assertion of our birthright when we connect with Aries energy and leadership. Disorientation, a bit of meta-cognitive dissonance is also part of the rush of Aries. Don't worry about what it all means or how it will all come together, just jump full on in to the starting of it, whatever it may be.

We've got everything to do, and it's all ahead of us... out there somewhere. We launch ourselves now, great horns leading the way, bounding towards a destiny we are creating. Gather 'round the fires of Aries, put our torches to touch the flames, bringing them with us, in hand, lighting the path ahead, stirring the passions of our soul's wanderings.

We're in it friends. The wheel has turned. There's no way but forward from here. Again.

Much love, many blessings!


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