Online Cancer Season Moon Circle

~be held ~ be nurtured ~ be loved~

Mondays, June 22 - July 20, 6:30-8 pm EST

For the New Moon in Cancer, I am feeling the need to transform the Women's Wisdom Circle into a new format. I believe we could all use a little extra tender loving care right about now.


Cancer is the season of the archetypal Mother, the innermost Self, and the Moon herself, the divine feminine. This Moon Circle will be a space of nurturing, relaxation, and gentle exploration. We will work with the Moon Phases, astrological influences, and your energy body to move from intention to manifestation. Each woman will be the writer of her own wisdom on this journey.

Encompassing the New Moon in Cancer on June 21 to the New Moon in Cancer on July 20, this 9-part series will include:

  • Five 90-minute online sessions (Zoom meetings) one each week for the New, First Quarter, Full, Third Quarter, and New Moons

  • Four Moon Blessings emails, one for each of the moon phases between meetings: Crescent, Gibbous, Disseminating, Balsamic--including journal prompts and self care reminders

  • Centering and holding high vibrational heart frequencies with conscious group amplification

  • Attuning to embodied resonance, internal discernment of patterns of harmony and dissonance

  • Bonding and sharing

  • Energy readings from current astrological influences

  • Working with eclipse energies

  • Journaling and reflection

  • Integration

  • Group meditation for deep relaxation

  • Private Facebook Group for connection throughout the Moon Cycle

Times are intense. Returning to be fully in our heart center with receptive, peaceful, potent presence is one of many skills needed in our world right now. In this Circle, we will pause, retreat, reflect, and re-energize together. From here we can be so incredibly powerful in bringing our love-based gifts out into the world.

If you are feeling the need to be held gently in loving presence, to be unconditionally supported, and to be with other women while discovering what it means to you to be in your Moon-informed, heart-centered power, come join in Circle.


To participate, please provide for yourself:

  • Sacred time and space to show up fully

  • A journal, favorite pen/pencil

  • Candle

  • Items that are sacred to you (stones, feathers, flowers, etc.)

  • Your favorite snacks and hydration

I offer this New Moon Circle for a modest energy exchange of $55 so that we may all benefit from being in Circle together.

If you truly want to be in Circle, but finances are limited right now, please contact me directly.


$5 of each registration will be donated to The Women, LLC. An additional % of registration fees will go to KnoxPride's matching donation fundraiser for local BIPOC organizations: Alcoa-Blount NAACP, Sleeves 4 Needs, and The Women, LLC. When we reach 20+ participants, I will donate 42%.


Why 42%? This is the percentage of people in the black community who are living at or below the poverty level in Knoxville, TN. This is the highest poverty rate for a city of this size in all of the SE states. We can do better, together.

I've been listening, and this work and the sharing of resources call to my care in Building a Peace Narrative.

Registration Closed

Much love, many blessings!

Moon Circle Reflections

I am so grateful Wendy is on her path and sharing her gifts! Melding practical tools with profound spiritual insight, Wendy guides with compassion, wisdom, patience and beautiful knowledge to share. My overall experience of the Circle was one of being gently challenged to go deeper — into my grounded knowledge of the moon cycles and astral forces, as well as my commitment to my own self care and transformation. I have gained more knowledge of the moon herself, as well as more insight into my own physical, emotional and energetic cycles. I would definitely recommend to any woman who is seeking healing or more balance in her life. 🖤
—Jennifer Jane Niceley

Wendy has created a beautiful offering of tools that have helped me to connect more deeply within while using the supportive energies of the moon cycle. Having participated in these circles online as well as in person-Wendy creates a space that has helped me to gain clarity and deeper insights into the desires of my heart through guided intention and embodiment practices. Wendy's gift of coaching transfers to the circle so you are getting coaching along with all the other yumminess of learning to trust yourself and connect to the wisdom within while being able to share with the beautiful and inspiring women that Wendy attracts to her circles. 
—Sharon Spontak

Wendy Weiss

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